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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
We are located in Doniphan, Missouri. Everything is assembled in our shop and shipped from here.

What is the lead time on your Assembled MK III Extractors?
We generally like to ship our assembled and pressure tested units within 48 hours, however the lead time can be as much as 5-7 business days before shipping. We have very stringent quality control and testing procedures. 

Can I run the MK III without a recovery pump?
While designed to work with a recovery pump, it is not necessary to use one. You may utilize passive recovery with the MK III.

Do I have to use butane?
No. The MK III will work with N-Propane, N-Butane, Iso-Butane, or a mixture of 2 or more of the aforementioned solvents.

Do I really have to operate the MK III outdoors?
Emerald Gold recommends that any and all extractions utilizing flammable or inflammable gases/solvents be used in an outdoor and properly ventilated space. Keep all extractions away from any source of ignition, spark, etc. Always be vigilant in your extractions and be aware of your surroundings, Butane can pool up around you and your machine and react violently when exposed to an ignition source.

Does Emerald Gold do custom work?
Yes, in most cases we can fulfill custom orders! Give us a call at (417) 778-1589 or drop us a line via email at: