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1 Pound Closed Loop Extractor, MK III Style - 6" Diameter

  • $ 1,12842

1 Pound Closed Loop Extractor, MK III Style - 6" Diameter

More Safety Features and Still a Great Price!

Includes parts our competitors leave out

Designed for use with butane, or a 70% butane 30% propane blend.  Not for use with over 50% propane.

This extractor is built with the same high quality parts and safety features that we provide in all of our extractors.  This 1 pound extractor is designed to lower the financial barrier for people wanting a closed-loop extractor but don't need the capacity or convenience of our other systems.  Upgrading to more capacity or adding convenience features is easy to do with your initial purchase or at a later date.

You will need to provide plant material, butane, ice, warm water, tubs, and silicone scrapers.

Two pressure relief valves are installed.  Many of our competitor's systems don't have pressure relief valves or have just one.  Our systems have a pressure relief valve on the base and on the column. 

A vacuum/pressure gauge is provided on both the base and the column so you can monitor the entire system during the times when the column is isolated from the base.

We provide clamps with appropriate pressure ratings.  This means high-pressure clamps on the base and more economical single-hinge clamps for smaller diameters.

Extra valves and fittings are included for the purpose of easily evacuating the vapor return line before an extraction, and safely venting the small amount of butane left in the vapor return line when the extraction is completed.  It is important to evacuate the vapor return line to avoid pushing air into the butane tank.

The two valves and the one provided hose that carry liquid butane are 3/8" rather than 1/4" so you can increase system capacity without the expense of replacing 1/4" hardware.

End caps for the column are provided so that you can pack the column and store it in a freezer to pre-chill the stainless steel and plant material.

Every extractor comes with detailed step-by-step instructions.

The Oil Transport Hose is provided with the extractor and is a 6' long, 3/8" FJIC to 3/8" FJIC.  It has a braided stainless steel jacket and a PTFE (Teflon) liner.  JIC connectors are standard in this industry, MJIC and FJIC refer to male and female JIC connectors.

The standard SAE 45-degree flare fittings on items from the refrigeration industry are not compatible with the JIC 37-degree fittings of the extraction industry.  For your safety we highly recommend adaptors for the ports of your recovery pump, recovery tank, and vacuum pump.

Hose and Filter Kit - $309.44

For customers that don't already have hoses we provide the following package.  All hoses have stainless steel braid and PTFE (Teflon) liners.

  • Butane Filling Hose: 3/8" FJIC to 3/8" FJIC 6' Long
  • Extractor to Filter Hose: 1/4" FJIC to 1/4" FJIC, 3' Long
  • Filter to Recovery Pump Intake Hose: 1/4" FJIC to 1/4" FJIC, 3' Long
  • Vacuum Pump to Vacuum Manifold Hose: 1/4" FJIC to 1/4" FJIC, 6' Long
  • Extractor to Vacuum Manifold Hose: 1/4" FJIC to 1/4" FJIC, 3' Long
  • Recovery Pump Outlet to Vacuum Manifold Hose: 1/4" FJIC to 1/4" FJIC, 3' Long
  • Vacuum Manifold to Recovery Tank Hose: 1/4" FJIC to 1/4" FJIC, 3' Long
  • Filter Dryer

Quality and Convenience Options

Bi-directional Flow:  Our basic extractors introduce butane at the bottom of the column until the oil laden butane returns to the base via a hose.  Many extraction practitioners like to have the option of introducing butane at the top of the column as well.  Filling from the bottom does a good job of wetting all of the plant material while filling a dry column from the top has the possibility of the butane finding an easy path and getting to the base without wetting all of the material.  Bi-directional capability allows you to wet all of the plant material by filling from the bottom, and then doing additional fillings from the top to let gravity help carry the desired oils to the base.

Parts kit for adding bi-directional flow:  $174.24

Installed price for bi-directional flow:  $201.71

Dewaxing Columns:  Dewaxing columns have a jacket that can be filled with ice, dry ice, or dry ice and alcohol.   Butane must be in liquid form to wash the desirable oils from the plant and an ice packed dewaxing column may be necessary in warmer weather.  Additionally, keeping the material cold helps demobilize the lipids and waxes, reducing the need to separate them later.  Emerald Gold offers dewaxing columns in 1.5", 2", 3", and 4" diameters.  We always pack the columns and leave them in a freezer overnight to make sure the stainless steel and material are pre-chilled.

Bases with Handles:  Extractions are generally done with the base of the extractor sitting in a pool of 85 F water which encourages the butane to evaporate.  Of course it's tempting pick up the extractor by the valves, but handles are easier and avoid accidentally loosening a threaded fitting.  These bases are usually called "platters" and we have a wide variety to choose from.

Jacketed Bases with Handles:  Jacketed bases have two ports on opposite sides to allow warm water to circulate around the base. This can avoid having to lift the extractor in and out of warm water.  Ideally a hose can be run from a faucet that is adjusted for 85 F water.  Please use a long hose and remember to always do extractions outdoors, away from ignition hazards.  We have jacketed "platters" in a wide variety of diameters and depths.

Splatter Platters: Splatter platters are bowls that can be clamped onto the bottom of a spool type base.  Removing the collected oil from a 4" deep bowl is a lot easier than reaching to the bottom of deeper bases.  In some cases, the added base capacity can allow you to safely use bigger columns.  Please contact us for recommendations.

Domed Lids: The best feature of domed lids is that they come with two sight glasses.  Shine a flashlight through one and view the progress of your extraction through the other.  Please resist the temptation to use a lighter instead of a flashlight.

Port Hole Collection Base:  This 8" tall base comes with a 4" sight glass in the side and is typically used with a 4" deep splatter platter to make a 12" deep base.

Capacity Options

We custom build each extractor to order.  We have a wide variety of columns, bases, and auxiliary equipment and will gladly build an extractor, or extractor package, just for you.  Following are 6" diameter extractors that can be customized to your specifications. 

1 Pound Capacity: This size comes with a 6" diameter x 12" tall spool for the base and a 2" x 48" spool column.  It is compatible with all of our 2" diameter spools from 3" up to 48" long, and all of our 2" diameter dewaxing columns.  This will easily hold a full pound or more of coarsely chopped material.

This comes with the biggest column we recommend for this base.  If you'd like to add capacity we suggest adding a 6" x 6" spool for the base.  Then you can operate using a 6" x 6" spool, a 6" x 12" spool, or combine them for a 6" x 18" spool.

2 Pound Capacity:   This size comes with a 3" by 36" spool column and is compatible with all of our 3" spools and dewaxing columns up to 36" long.  It is also compatible with 2" spools and dewaxing columns up to 48" long.  The 3" x 36" spool holds two pounds of coarsely chopped material.

A combination a 6" diameter x 6" tall spool and a 6" diameter x 12" tall spool is provided for the base.  This gives you the option of using just the 6" tall spool or just the 12" tall spool if you are using smaller columns.  Always use an 18" deep base when you are using the 3" x 36" column.

To increase capacity above two pounds, the best option is to consider starting with a larger diameter base.  We have a variety of bases available in 8", 10", and 12" diameters.