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Jabsco VeraFlex Flexible Impeller Mash Pump with Cart

Jabsco VeraFlex Flexible Impeller Mash Pump with Cart

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The new Jabsco VeraFlex Flexible Impeller Pump Cart System is motorized, includes a wireless remote, and is designed for use throughout the food, dairy, beverage, and industrial markets. This is a complete, cost effective solution, offering up to 60 GPM (228 LPM) (with Variable Frequency Drive), while incorporating gentle pumping action to carefully handle thin, viscous, and particle laden fluids. The new Jabsco cart mounted pump with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) adjusts the speed of an electric motor by regulating the power being delivered. Variable-frequency drives provide continuous control, matching motor speed to the specific demands of the work being performed.

Features and Benefits

• Inexpensive to purchase, use, and service

• True self-priming, even from dry startup

• Gentle pumping action with bidirectional flow (reversible)

• Positive displacement to pump and meter viscous fluids

• Hygienic body in 316 stainless steel for easy cleaning

• Washdown Motor Typical Applications

• Ingredients unloading and transfer

• Tank filling and emptying

• Recirculation and mixing

• Portion and container filling

• Sampling and filtration

Wireless Variable Frequency Drives are an excellent choice for adjustable speed drive users because they allow operators to fine-tune processes while reducing costs for energy and equipment maintenance.

• Forward and Reverse operation

• Increase or Decrease Flow

• Red LED fault-detection light

• Wireless RF technology offers up to 50-foot range

• Operates the cart’s Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

• Water-resistant design with rugged rubberized holder



Pump Type Close Coupled, 3A

Body 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Impeller Sanitary Neoprene

Shaft Seal Mechanical; Carbon-on-Ceramic

Ports 2" Tri-clamp type

Shaft 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Motor 50Hz, 3 HP 112 IEC Frame,

Washdown rated, 230V AC

3 Phase

Variable Frequency


230 VAC 1 Phase input,

50 / 60 Hz

Wireless Remote Operates on standard 9V

DC battery

Weight 30.0lb (13.6kg) Approx. Pump


Weight 159lb (72kg) Approx. Close