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Vacuum Pump Kit

Vacuum Pump Kit

  • $ 14979

Our Vacuum Pump Kit comes with a 3 CFM single stage vacuum pump, Filter/Dryer, two PTFE lined Hoses, and Pump Oil. 

Pump Specifications:

Single Stage 3 CFM Pump

Input Power: 110V 60Hz
Horse Power: 1/4
RPM: 1440RPM-1720RPM
Ultimate Vacuum: 5PA/0.05mBAR    
Oil capacity: 220ML
Dimensions: 260x110x240mm

  • Always use a Cold Trap to prevent solvents from being pulled into your pump. A Cold Trap condenses the vapor into a liquid before it has a chance to reach the pump and corrode the parts.
  • Change the Vacuum Pump Oil often to prevent excess wear to the pump.