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1.5" x 36" (200 Gram) Tri Clamp Column, Tri Clamp Spool

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1.5" x 36" (200 Gram) Column for Essential Oil Extractors SS304

Comes standard with two 1.5" Single Hinge Tri Clamps and two 1.5" Viton Gaskets.

Upgrades available are as follows:

Spools, also known as sanitary spools, are pre-fabricated lengths of stainless tubing with Tri Clamp fittings welded to both ends for customer convenience. These can be used in conjunction with any Tri Clamp fitting, allowing the user to easily manufacture sanitary pipelines without the need for costly on-site welding and fabrication.

This spool is also compatible for use as a column for the MK III Closed Loop Essential Oil Extractor. As a column, this spool can support up to 200 grams of plant matter for extraction.