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MK III Closed Loop Essential Oil Extractor. Stainless Steel 304

  • $ 1,40625

MK III Closed Loop Essential Oil Extractor. Stainless Steel 304

The MK III is a closed loop reclamation essential oil extractor designed by Skunk Pharm Research. These units are built and tested on site by our own Emerald Gold engineers and technicians. 

This oil extractor is designed to be used with butane, hexane or propane. This MK III essential oil extractor comes in a variety of sizes, from a 1.5" x 12" (73 gram) column to a 3" x 36" (900 gram) column. You can choose your column size using the drop down tab above. You can also purchase additional columns and bases separately, either as upgrades or if you just need extras. The additional columns and bases can be found in other sections of our online store if you chose to purchase them separately.

The MK III essential oil extractor in this listing comes fully assembled by our engineers and technicians, and pressure tested to double the operating pressure.

The MK III essential oil extractor is manufactured out of 304 food grade stainless steel, and meets all of today's sanitary standards.

Parts List that will come with your fully assembled and tested MK III Essential Oil Extractor are as follows:

If you order this extractor with a 3" column, it will come with:

  • (1) 3" to 1.5" Concentric Reducer
  • (2) 3" Viton Gaskets
  • (2) 3" 150 Mesh Screen Viton Gaskets
  • (1) 3" x 1/4" Female NPT Stainless Steel Cap
  • (1) 6" x 12" Tri Clamp Base
  • (2) 6" High Pressure Clamp for added stability



- Closed Loop and Eco Friendly (Reclaim 99% of your solvent)
- Expandable (Increase the sizes of not only your columns, but your collection pot as well!)
- Pressure tested at double the required pressure.
- Stainless Steel Construction
- Excellent Yields

Additional Items needed for operation:

- Recovery Pump
- Vacuum Pump
- Condensing Coil
- Recovery Tank
- Refrigerant Scale
- Butane


Depending on the type of oil you are extracting, these product(s) may not be legal to operate in some areas. For safety reasons, these product(s) are designed and intended for outdoor use only. Emerald Gold, LLC strongly discourages any unlawful use of these product(s), and is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by the misuse or unlawful use of these product(s). Any person or entity that uses the equipment and/or information provided by Emerald Gold, LLC does so entirely at their own risk, and accepts all liability concerning the use of the product(s) and information listed above.

*WARNING* Never extract with butane or propane indoors. May cause serious injury, or even death.