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Closed Loop Extractors

Posted by Jerimy Frailey on

Closed Loop BHO Extraction 

     Emerald Gold Extractors has a full line of closed loop extractors for BHO. We are proud to offer multiple sizes of columns and collections to facilitate any size of material. Sight glasses, different sizes of hoses to handle different flow rates, de-waxing and jacketing, we have the accessories you need. Closed loop extraction is a specialty of ours here at Emerald Gold.

     Our columns for BHO extraction range in size from our table top 1.5” x 12” 73 gram column to the behemoth 6” x 36” columns capable of washing 8 pounds at a time. If you want to cut down on the time it takes to refine your oil, then we suggest a de-waxing column for your BHO extraction. Adding a de-waxing column to your closed loop extraction in place of a traditional column helps trap the waxes, chloryphyll, and lipids that you would normally need to refine using a Buchner funnel. This has been proven to aid in the winterization process significantly.

     We use borosilicate glass in all of our closed loop extractors when sight glasses are required. Proven to hold strong under repeated use without any degradation from butane in BHO extractors, borosilicate is the standard for closed loop extractors. Combined with Viton that has also been shown to hold up under exposure to butane, hexane, and propane, our sight glasses can hold vacuum for long periods of time while being exposed to hydrocarbons. Speaking of PTFE Viton, our hose lines range from 3’ x ¼” to 6’ x ½” long and are braided in stainless steel and lined with PTFE for closed loop extractors.

     Jacketing is a way to help speed up your closed loop extraction by either cooling or warming your process to facilitate recovery of your solvents. Warming your collection with water running through a jacket, even when it is only at room temperature, will speed recovery to your solvent tank. When you integrate that with jacketed recovery and a condenser/ cold trap you can even have an effective passive closed loop recovery. Combine that with our de-waxing column and you can have a completely jacketed closed loop extraction system.

     We at Emerald Gold work to provide quality closed loop extractors at affordable prices. BHO extraction through closed loop solvent recovery is the optimal way to safely extract your oils without exposing yourself to unnecessary danger. We always use stainless steel in our closed loop extractors to provide food grade quality and durability to your BHO extractions. Emerald Gold Extractors: The Home of Quality Closed Loop Extractors!!!!!

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