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      Have you ever run your extraction equipment and wondered if you could add a sight glass or a different fitting to it? Did you ever want to size your equipment up for larger extraction runs so you could be more efficient? Whether you want to increase the size of your collection or if you wanted to do a larger wash with more material, we are here to help. Emerald Gold is proud to offer a wide range of options when it comes to your extraction equipment.

     We specialize in stainless steel and have done exhaustive research on what are the proper materials for the solvents that are used for extractions. Our welders and fabricators are skilled at producing clean, sanitary welds for all of our stainless steel products. We only use borosilicate glass in our sight glasses because solvents won't hurt them. Depending on your unit, we can even provide stands and racks for stability.  

     At Emerald Gold, we pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and affordability. We regularly produce parts for people  looking for different sizes and various ways for extraction. Call us 417-778-1589 or send us an email at and see what we can to help you.

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