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We at Emerald Gold Extractors are excited to bring you a quality line of extraction equipment at reasonable prices. Nestled in the hills of the Ozarks, and surrounded by some of the most pristine land in the country, we are focused on clean, natural extractions for the environment. Because of this focus, we use stainless steel not only because you can have food grade or better extractions but also because it is strong and durable for repeated use. Let’s take a look at our exciting products we have available.

Closed Loop Extractors

The Mark III and Mark IV are fantastic systems designed to allow you to reclaim 99% of your butane or propane through your extraction process. Our systems are built and tested right here in our facilities, by our technicians, to ensure safety. Every system we build is tested under vacuum for over 24 hours to make sure that your system will function properly when you receive it. Our Herbinator Extraction System is able to be fitted with bi-directional flow to allow for washes from both the top and the bottom, to allow a complete extraction from your plant material.

Open Blast Extractors

The Rocket Pod Extractor ranges from 135 Gram to 455 Gram for a variety in the amount of plant material you want to extract. Every extractor has a 3mm opening to a sprayhead to completely disperse your butane across your material. The sides of our pods are open jacketed, meaning you can put ice, dry ice or an alcohol and dry ice slurry to super chill your material for extraction. This allows your less desirable, water based components to be held with the plant material so you only pull the essential oils. All of our Rocket pods have a tripod design to allow for stability, with a tapered opening on the bottom to allow your oils to go where you want them.

Rosin Presses

Let’s talk solventless extraction. The combined heat and pressure of a press allows you to pull the oils out of your material without the help of any hydrocarbon based solvents. Used in much the same way as you would if you were making pine rosin for violins, simply put your material in parchment paper and press it for around 10 seconds to produce a rosin that holds 80% of the oil from your plant in it. With our presses you can achieve 5000 lbs. pressure while maintaining even heat across the plates. Digital controllers and a self-contained pneumatic pump, coupled with safety controls, make this a safe, affordable way to extract.

Ethanol Extractors

We come to our latest extraction process, Ethanol. Partnered with Affordable Distillery Equipment, we are proud to offer ethanol systems that safely and gently reclaim your ethanol from your oil. Our process allows you to use ethanol to extract your oils. After the wash over the plant material the resulting oil/ethanol solution is placed into one of our stills to distill the ethanol, leaving you nothing but your oil. This process is safe not only because you use low heat for your distillation, but also because ethanol is safe for consumption and isn’t harmful to the environment. After distilling your ethanol, it is reclaimed to be used for your next wash cutting down on cost dramatically.


We at Emerald Gold Extractors offer a wide array of options for safe and effective essential oil extraction. Our fabricators and technicians are certified to ensure that safety is a top priority and that you receive the best possible answer to your extraction questions. We also do custom fabrication, so feel free to contact us at or call us at 417-778-1589.

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